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Nascent Starter Kit: Beacon + Rocketship Speaker

Nascent Starter Kit: Beacon + Rocketship Speaker

$ 99.00 $ 149.00

The Nascent Starter Kit is for Technology Early Adopters who want to get their hands on the freshest products.  This kit includes:

Clap your hands and see a colorful light show.  This demo product is the first product that we are shipping to early adopters who want to see Nascent products and modules in action.    

  • Modules included: Main, Microphone, LED Matrix

Ships on or before 12/31/2015

Rocketship Speaker
Use the Main Module from your Beacon and combine it with the Rocketship Shape and Speaker Module 

  • A speaker to stream your Spotify music through WiFi / Bluetooth

Ships on or before 2/14/2016